Creamy tiger shrimps

Creamy Tiger shrimp


  • 300 g Tiger shrimp
  • 50 g Cream cheese
  • 50 gParmesan
  • 1,5 cup Whip cream
  • 30 g Butter
  • 0,5 Packets fresh spinach
  • 1 tsps Salt
  • 1 clove of garlic
  • 1 tsps Basil
  • 1 big zucchini


How to do it:

Heat up a wok (or a deep frying pan) and add the butter and let the butter melt.  

Then add the Tiger shrimp to the melted butter and stir it up, so the butter is spread onto the tiger shrimp evenly. Turn the Tiger shrimp upside down after 30 seconds, so they become rose colored on both sides. Add more butter and the cream cheese to the pan, and stir until it is smooth. Season with salt, pepper, basil and garlic while stirring. Add the parmesan-cheese and continue to stir until the sauce thickens. Turn off the heat and let it rest in the pan. Lastly rinse and twist the spinach thoroughly and add it to the dish.

Make spaghetti from the Squash and pour boiling water on it. Then let it drain a bit.

Put the squash-spaghetti on a plate and pour the creamy Tiger shrimp on top.

Bon appetite!