Welcome to ´Back to Basics´ by Patricia Højbo – Your way out of lifestyle-related diseases with lasting weight loss.

Here you can get help handling symptoms of overweight/obesity, diabetes, and other lifestyle-related diseases easily.

Who am I

When I started my journey, 17 years ago, I was distressed because of fluctuating weight, virtually no energy, lack of proper nocturnal rest and diabetes.
It was hard getting out of bed and I was sad and unhappy.

I decided that this was not the life I wanted to live, therefore I studied everything I could get my hands on, on these subjects – and finally found a way out!
The only thing I want is to share this with you, so YOU can find your own path, out of diabetes and lasting weight loss as a bonus.

Would you like to go Back to Basics?

Would you like to lose weight and increase your level of energy, while we together decrease your complications with diabetes (type 1 and 2), sclerosis, PCOS, metabolism, and other autoimmune diseases?

On this site we share words of wisdom daily, so you can learn how to live the Back to Basics style.
At present we are a large community that lives according to the Back to Basics lifestyle, where we are united and encourages each other along the way.
We stand together through thick and thin because it is all about pulling together as a team to reach the goals we want.
This way we can change the lives of so many all over the world – and that is our mission!

Practical information On this site you will find a lot of information.


If you check the tab Blog, you will find posts about important subjects, that we have written over time.


You can also read about some of our many Basic Successes and of course, find all the information you need about the Programs we offer.


If you haven´t followed one of our programs yet, you should check out our Back to Basics program, which lasts 6 weeks and gives you all the instructions you need to live the Back to Basics lifestyle.

You can either attend our online, but we do have seminars in California. 


Do you have any questions about Back to Basics?
If you feel you need more information, you can find our contact information at the bottom and don´t hesitate to ask.
Back to Basics has taken off like a rocket, but we will, of course, answer you as fast as possible because YOU are our most important priority!

We really wish to help you live the Back to Basics lifestyle because we know that we have the key to lasting weight loss, and it is so easy.

We are NOT supposed to struggle with our weight.
We are NOT supposed to struggle with our own bodies and all kinds of ailments.
We are NOT supposed to be sick and sad or feel bad about the way we look. We deserve the Back to Basics lifestyle – so join us!!

Once you have lived the Back to Basics lifestyle – you will NEVER go back to the way you lived before.



PHONE +45 42 36 08 38
EMAIL detfedeliv@patriciahojbo.com


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