Timm was a skeptic ….. now he is 26 kg lighter and no longer disposed to diabetes.

Timm was a skeptic….. now he is 26 kg lighter and no longer disposed to diabetes.

The skeptic Timm started the Back to Basics lifestyle 4 weeks ago.

I remember him distinctly from an intro meeting in Copenhagen, due to the fact he was extremely skeptic.
Timm has had trouble with his stomach and intestines for many years and is one of many people who have simply given up hope of ever having a relaxed body, let alone lose weight.

Here is Timm’s status after 4 weeks:

7,8 kg
Timm says: “I must admit that when I attended the introduction meeting to the Back to Basics lifestyle, I was pretty sceptic. I was sure that with my luck it would not work for me due to an arsenal of problems with my stomach.”

Recently I had been to my doctor and he gave me an ultimatum!

The doctor said: “Your tests have shown that you are above the limit, and you have diabetes.
Therefore, you should start using diabetes medication. But I will give you 2 months to think about things and then we will decide what we are going to do.”

I decided to attend an introduction meeting about the Back to Basics lifestyle, and while I sat there listening to Patricia, I really had some aha moments.
I decided that it was now or never, and I started on a course soon after.

It has now been 5 weeks and I have been back to see the doctor.

The new verdict, from the doctor, was that I was now far away from the threat of being diabetic!!! -My doctor is blown away.

Love my (BtB) life

Time for an update from Timm after 4 months of the Back to Basics lifestyle!

Now 4 months later I have lost, all in all, 26 kilos and reduced my asthma medicine radically.
I feel better in my stomach, body, head, and skin.
All in all, it has been a win-win situation and I can now say that I am almost ready for summer!
Without Back to Basics I would never have come this far, and the support I have received from Patricia, the team and other participants on the course is worth their weight in gold!

Would you like to achieve the same goals as Timm even though you are full of doubt?
Actually, you don’t have to believe for it to work for you as well….you just have to do it!!

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Today Thomas no longer have gastric acid problems, and the corresponding medicine (omeprazole) is no longer needed.

Thomas has just concluded 6 weeks of the Back to Basics program.


Dear Back to Basics!

This program has been wild!! Personally, I have experienced an 8 kg weight loss and many, many cm/inches have disappeared! There have been many reasons for choosing BtB.
Some of my reasons have been, amongst others, to rid myself of gastric acid problems and repeated hospitalization due to kidney stones. In the beginning, it was a little hard for me, but the team and others on the course have been so helpful and SUPPORTIVE which has been essential!
Today I no longer have gastric acid problems, and the corresponding medicine (omeprazole) is no longer needed.
My energy level has risen significantly, which has given me a boost to resume my training with a personal trainer.
I can wholeheartedly recommend the course to EVERYONE who wishes to do something about all the imbalances in their body.
Finally, I wish to thank you Patricia, and all the mentors, a thousand times over for all the help and support I have received.

With kind regards,
Thomas Jespersen & Patricia

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I am honored to get to know this wonderful young man. His name is Marius and he is 16 years old. He has followed our Back to Basics program for 8 weeks now.

Read about his journey in the Back to Basics program, which is over now, and here we reveal his before and after pictures.

Marius has lost 14 kg kilos in 8 weeks.

It’s so amazing!

I am so proud that me, as a 16-year-old, with school, friends and parties, can commit and go all in, and change my life in a heartbeat.

Marius himself says that this is the easiest thing he has ever done. He eats steaks with bearnaise and vegetables fried in butter, that is absolutely amazing.

Marius’s best friend is also on our 6-week course, and his excess kilos also disappear very quickly. Even more amazing is that they can support each other, even when there are parties and events in school.

“We have made a bet not to drink alcohol for 4 weeks,” says the two young guys and laugh at each other.

Having two very young people on our course has been a breath of fresh air – they’ve added fun and laughter, and we’ve all got a smile on our lips about their approach to things. Whatever I had to say or had to add, or give the guys challenges, they have taken it upright – nothing has been able to beat them. The two of them lived straight by the book when it comes to the food and what else they have been presented to.

Back to Basics is for everyone. Regardless of age, gender and flaws, and whatever goals and dreams you have, the course is easy, fun and shows results in a very short period of time. The best part of all, is that the weight keeps going down, even if the course is over, because here we change our lifestyle, in an easy and durable way. And as Marius says, steak with bearnaise is just the best thing in the world.


When he came to be weighed this week, he told me:

“Patricia, I never felt better – I never go back to where I was and I will continue living this way”.

Isn’t that cool?

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Oles bloodsugar went from 33 to 6,5 in 13 days


patricia diabeties

Just before New Year, Ole Clement sent me this picture. He had been diagnosed with diabetes type 2 and felt really bad. He had a blood sugar rate of 29 and some days it was so high that the machine could not even measure it.

He needed help!

Ole started on the Back to Basics program about 13 days ago and what a change. He suddenly sleeps at night without getting up and peeing, he has energy and you literally see his belly shrink a little every day.

Tomorrow, it is 14 days ago since Ole started living Back to Basics, and now his blood sugar has dropped to 6.5.

patricia dfl

In just 13 days!

He has lost over 5 kilos and feels absolutely good about himself. His mood is sky high and positive and blood sugar low. He even dropped his medication for diabetes already a few days after start-up as he was afraid of all the side effects the drugs would give him.

Just imagine what can happen for the next 4 weeks

We follow Ole closely and look forward to see his progress.

I’ll probably make an update when we get a little further.

Here is the picture he sent me today!

If Ole can, then you can do it too!

And as Ole himself says, “It’s the easiest ting I’ve ever done – and I’m amazed”


Patricia (and Ole Clement)