Hi, my name is Henriette! Here is my story of how I came to live by the Back to Basics principals and how I “live” my life for the first time, and not only survive my life!

I can’t remember, never having stomach aches or struggled with my digestion.

When I was a child, I needed an enema to go to the toilet, And it has always been associated with something painful   In 2001 I had my appendix removed, wich bursted during the operation,because I came to late to the hospital. I didn’t think it was appendicitis because of my constant pain in the stomach region.

Already at that time, gastric acid suppressing drugs were part of my everyday life. In 2009 I had my gall bladder removed, I could literally not take anything else but Nupo meal replacements, and I had to drink them very slowly to prevent gallstone attacks.

I had seizures several times a week and ended with the doctor coming regularly and gave me a shot of morphine.
When they removed the gallbladder they bruised my liver, which caused internal bleeding. That caused a blood clot the size of a fist, that took a while to get over.

After that operation I was sure I could eat again, but there where long lists with banned foods, that could cause seizures.

I got more and more acid-suppressing drugs.

I couldn’t vomit and I thought it was normal when you had your gallbladder removed. It might sound weird, but I actually think human beings are supposed to have the ability to vomit.

Five years ago, I was operated for a disc herniation and had my ovaries removed only one month apart. This is when I started binge eating. I was self-employed for many years, but could not work so much now.

I was constantly thinking about food, more specific, chocolate! Every time I finished a meal I thought about my next ”fix”.  I tried to turn my life around with all the cures that usually worked when I wanted to lose weight, but nothing ever did!    When I complained to others, I was told that I had to learn to live with the way I looked.  In March 2018, I got to know Patricia through my cousin, who is living by Back to Basics principals, and had a huge weightloss. Not only that, he felt healthy. That’s when I decided I had to try. I had not given up on me, but the established healthcare system could not help me, they made me feel like a hypochondriac

In march I startede on the basic course of Back to Basics. I thought I was gonna lose weight as fast as my cousin, but no. … I didn’t lose any weight the first couple of weeks.  It upset me to experience that my body wasn’t ready to let go of the fat.

But with the support of other participants, mentors and especially Patricia, I began to lose weight very slowly. I learned that the worst thing you can do, is forcing a body in destress to lose weight. Patricia told me to forget the scale for a while, and when I weighed myself a couple of weeks later, I had lost 6 kilos. But the funny part is that the weight loss became less and less important to me after a very short period of time.i wanted to be healthy. That was my main focus!

After the first meeting, I found out that I did NOT have too much stomach acid but virtually nothing!I quit the acid suppressing drugs and startet my new lifestile.

Today it is extremely rare that I feel stomach aches, I can tolerate most foods and do not think much about toilet visits anymore
I can vomit like any other person, which of course sounds strange, but it’s a great thing to be able to, especially when you haven’t had that ability for a long time. I do not know how many kilos I have lost, last time I was on the scale it was 15 kilos. Clothes I only dreamed of wearing, I can now wear

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